Inspiring the future

Sense-in, is the spirit of collaboration
with an appetite for innovation.
Sense-in, is bringing you agility to boost
your projects.

Our location

Espace Teknica

Parc Technologique de Soye

4 rue Galilée

56270 Ploemeur


Converting your ideas into realities

to better design

So that your composite pieces do not suffer from obesity … 😉
• Instrument prototypes, pre-series to “fit”
your FEM models and not under or oversize the parts.
• Finally establish the behavior laws that miss you!
• Validate limit loads in qualification and
demonstrate the achievement of customer requirements.

Our solutions

data acquisition
and processings tools

Sense-in designs sensors, data acquisition and processing
tools tailored for your materials, your environments
to monitor the characteristics that you expect.
• 10 years of experience in custom-designed SQRS
(Strain Quantum Resistive Sensors) sensors. Innovative,
patented nanostructured sensors.
• Catalog or specification-based acquisition solutions
with our electronic partner.
• We convert your raw signals into value-added data
through Artificial Intelligence.

Some benefits of Sense-In sensors


Made with your materials (support and matrix), they live and age in the way as
your materials and in addition they communicate!


They have undergone fatigue tests at more than 3 million cycles.


They can measure on the range of deformation you wish and up to 5 μdef.


Their signals are easy to process and interpret on standard equipment.

Tiny Energy consumption

They need only a couple of μA which makes them suitable for embedded applications.

And much more…

Our solutions

Produce yours POC,

Sense-in is the right partner to design your POC (Proof Of Concept),
démonstrators / prototypes with you.
• Sense-in helps you to specify your needs and fits to your
agile project approach.
• Sense-in participates and is involved in many collaborative projects
(European, regional …). We can help you to build both funding and tasks plans.
• Sense-in accompanies your tests, processes your data and helps you
interpreting the measurements.

Our solutions

to integrate our solutions
into your processes

Industrializing, producing to integrate our solutions into your processes, your
supply chain.
• Sense-in has its own production capacity in Lorient.
If your situation requires it, we will be able to propose a transfer of
our production technology.
• Sense-in develops integrable solutions into your industrial
processes (infusion, RTM, AFP …).

This is our future

trust us


Welcome to the JEC connect 2021

SENSE-in will be present at the JEC COMPOSITES EONNECT Digital fair on June 1 and 2, June. JEC Composites CONNECT will be the meeting place for all things composites. Participants…
En savoir plus


Our experts

Jean- Claude Lenain


Sense-in – more than sensors – « incore-sensors
under the skin ».
Sense-in architectures are nanostructured-materials
as close as possible of your needs.
Incore-sensors, because they are in the core of your parts.

Frédéric Fourreau

At your service

I joined the Sense-in adventure in September 2018. 20 years of new innovative products development will normally help me understand your need and I will help you to specify it. Building with our customers and partners, a lasting and win – win relationship is my priority.

Jean-François Feller

Scientific Advisor

After 20 years of academic research at the University of South Brittany, I valued the prospective work of my “Smart Plastics” group on nanocomposite-based quantum resistive sensors by creating “Sense-in”. I am now accompanying the company to develop innovation and secure the transfered know-how.

Goulven Paradis

Strategic Product manager

Co-creator of Sense-in, I was in charge of transferring the know-how developed by UBS to Sense-in. I am now in charge of studying the global monitoring solution adapted to your needs and implementing it in collaboration with the employees of your company.

Frank Sobel

R&T Engineering Manager

Loli Georgelin

R&D Engineer

Graduate engineer from ISPA in plastics and composite materials, my missions at Sense in are to industrialize existing sensors and develop new “sensors” adapted to your materials and the environment encountered in service.

Sarah Laudenbach

R&D Engineer

Graduate Engineer from ENSAM, I now contribute to the understanding of the mechanical behaviors of our sensors and your materials. I want to be able to adapt and develop tests that meet the specifics of each application thanks to my skills and our collaboration.

Thibaut Bedjiah

R&D Engineer

Recently graduated from a Master EcoConception of Polymers and Composites at UBS and after a final internship at SENSE-in on prospective developments, I signed up for the startup at the end of 2020. My mission in the team is to develop new sensor technologies complementary to the historical SENSE-in technologies to meet new monitoring needs.

Edouard Cheguillaume

Composite materials manufacturing and characterization Technician

Fabien Guitter

Laboratory technician, polymer formulation

Cindy Le Roy

R&D Engineer

Graduate Engineer from Polytech Nantes, specializing in polymer and composite materials. I develop sensors adpated to the demands to monitor with new materials. I determine formulations in order to obtain the desired properties.

Aude Cailler Gruet

R&D Engineer

I graduated from INSA Rennes as an engineer specialised in Materials Science and joined the Sense-in team in October 2021. My work involves developing and characterizing monitoring solutions in order to detect damage in structures composed of material assemblies.

Julie Serandour

Management and Human Resources Assistant

I joined SENSE-in in September 2020. I am in charge of the administrative and human ressources department two days per week.

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